Forum - Metal Forming

Time 10/02 (Thur.) 09:15a.m.
Location International Hall, Auditorium
Host Prof. Jong-Ning Aoh, National Chung Cheng University
Panelist Prof. Yeong-Maw Hwang, National Sun Yat-senUniversity
Prof. Fuh-Kuo Chen, National TaiwanUniversity
Dr. Yu-ren Hu, China Steel Corporation
Dr. Ching-Fu Horng, Glorial Material Technology Corp.
Dr. Jer-Liang Kuo, Glorial Material Technology Corp.
Metal forming is one of the leading manufacturing industries in Taiwan which plays an indispensable role in the supply chains of steels, aviation, automobile, machinery, hand tools and 3C-products. The technology advancement spans from forging and rolling of heavy components in metal industry to precision forming of micro-components in the electronic and emerging industries. Experts from representative branches are invited to highlight the newest technology and market trend. Discussion and brainstorming which focus on the following issues will be conducted: 1. Industrial upgrade from the conventional image of metal forming to the level of advanced precision manufacturing, 2.allocatinghigh added-on value nichesunder intensive global competition, 3. market challenges in the post-ECFA era,4. creatinginnovative technologies and acquiring high potential new blood through integration of resources.

金屬成型工業是台灣製造業的領先工業之一,在鋼鐵、航太、汽車、手工具、機械以及3C產品的供應鏈中扮演著不可或缺的角色。金屬成型的技術精進橫跨了金屬工業大型構件的鍛造與軋延到電子工業與新興工業精微元件的精密成型。 金屬成型論壇邀請來自具代表性工業的專家學者介紹台灣金屬成型之技術發展與市場的最新趨勢。論壇將針對下列議題請與會專家學者進行腦力激盪: 1. 面對產業升級,應如何自傳統工業的形象提升至精密製造的層次;2. 面對全球化的競爭,應如何找到高附加價值的前瞻技術利基;3. 面對後ECFA時代,應如何面對市場之挑戰;4. 面對新技術與人才的需求,如何整合產學研資源與能量,創新技術與獲致研發人才。

Host Prof. Jong-Ning Aoh
Affiliation National Chung Cheng University
Title Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Jong-NingAoh received Dr.-Ing. from University Stuttgart, Germany in 1988, MSc. from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan in 1980, and BEng. from National Cheng Kung University, Tainan Taiwan in 1978, all in mechanical engineering. He had been a Scientific Staff in State Institute of Materials Testing (Staatliche Materialpruefungsanstalt (MPA)), University Stuttgart from1983 to 1988. He then joined Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST), Lungtan, Taiwan in 1988. He was responsible for Welding and Laser Processing Laboratory of Materials R&D Center, CSIST. Dr. Aoh joined National Chung Cheng University in 1994. He is a professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of Leading Edge Processing Rolling and Forging Technology Research Center at CCU. Prof. Aoh's current research interests include laser materials processing, metal forming, nanoimprint and friction stir welding. In recent years, he has been conducting a series of joint-research projects with several Taiwan's representative steelmaking and metal forging industries in the field of hot rolling of steel and precision forging of aluminum components.

Panelist Prof. Yeong-Maw Hwang
Affiliation National Sun Yat-senUniversity
Title Vice Dean of the College of Engineering
Dr. Y.M. Hwang earned his Doctor's degree (1990) in industrial mechanicalengineering from Tokyo University in Japan. He has been aprofessor, Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering (MEME), National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU), Kaohsiung, Taiwan, since1996. He has ever served as the department chair (2002-2005) of MEME. His research interests have been in the area of metal forming, machine design and mechanics. He won the Best Paper Award (1992) and Outstanding Engineering Professor Award (2007) from Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers in Taiwan. He earned the Fellow title from Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity (JSTP), Japan (2012) and Distinguished Professor of NSYSU (2012). He is the Vice-Dean of Engineering college in NSYSU now.

Panelist Prof. Fuh-Kuo Chen
Affiliation National TaiwanUniversity
Title Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Fuh-Kuo Chen received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley in USA and B.S. in mechanical engineering from the National Taiwan University in Taiwan. He had worked with China Steel Corporation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and General Motors Corporation, Michigan, USA, before he became a professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department of National Taiwan University. His major research interest is on metal forming. The research topics he is currently working on include stamping of advanced high strength steel sheets, tube-hydroforming of advanced high strength steels, hot stamping of ultra-high strength steel sheets, forming of aluminum alloys, and warm forming of magnesium-alloy sheets.

Panelist Dr. Yu-ren Hu
Affiliation China Steel Corporation
Title Manager of Rolling Process Development Section Iron &Steel Research & Development Dept.
Dr. Yhu-Jen Hwu received Ph.D. from University Waterloo, Canada in 1993, MSc. from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan in 1981. And then he joined R&D Dept. of China Steel Corp., and was engaged in research works about rolling processes. His recent research activities are focused on localization of cold rolling models.

Panelist Dr. Ching-Fu Horng
Affiliation Glorial Material Technology Corp.
Title Supervisor of Group Supervision Office
Dr. C.F. Horngrecieved his Doctor's degree (1998), MSc. (1990), BEng. (1986) in materials science & engineering from National TsingHua University in Taiwan. He services as a Professional Engineer of Group Supervision Office, Gloria Material Technology Corp, Gloria Group. He is responsible in the area of metal forming (including hot forging, hot rolling and wire drawing), microstructure control of alloy steels, tool steels, stainless steels, Ni alloys, and Ti alloys.

Panelist Dr. Jer-Liang Kuo
Affiliation Glorial Material Technology Corp.
Title Closed forging department, Manager
Dr. J.K. Kuo earned his Doctor's degree (2005) in mechanical engineering from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. He services as a Manager of closed forging department, HomKom Precision Industry Corp, Gloria Group. He is responsible in the area of forging technology development (including open die forging and closed die forging), process planning and production.