Forum - 3D Printing

Title New Industrial Opportunity and Innovation from 3D Printing to Direct Digital Manufacturing
Time 10/01 (Wed.) 15:45p.m.
Location International Hall, Auditorium
Host Dr. Jeng-Ywan Jeng, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Panelist Prof. Hong-Tzong Yau, National Chung Cheng University
Gary Shu, XYZ Printing Inc
Dr. Jon S. Hsu, ITRI Southern Region Campus
No doubt, one of the major applications of 3D Printing enters the "Direct Digital Manufacturing" from "Rapid Prototyping". On the other hand, due to the promotion of USA AMP2.0, German Industry 4.0 programs, and Crown Funding, the localised manufacturing and customized product create the new demand and new business model of innovative manufacturing. 3D Printing (AM, Additive manufacturing) plays one of the important and critic role of Direct Digital Manufacturing. On the other hand, manufacturing is not just prototype fabrication. It needs to consider all the aspects of manufacturing and even production.
The technology trends and industrial applications of 3D Printing will be presented in this 3D Printing Forum during the ICAM 2014 Conference. Prof. Suman Das from Georgia Technology Institute will be invited to present the aerospace componentsand biomedical implantsmanufacturing application using 3D Printing Technology. Of course, the experience to set up new 3D Printing Enterprise from Prof. Das will be reported. Another 2nd panel list is Prof. HT Yau from National Chung Cheng University, because he already spent a long time and gained excellent experience in the dental application of CAD/CAM and digital dental manufacturing. The 3rd panelist will be the Chairman Shen or representative from XYZ Printing Inc. to present the own brand business development of Taiwan 3D printer and share the CES Show award of best editor choice.

勿庸置疑,3D列印已由少量多樣工業模型應用,進入少量多樣的直接數位製造之產業應用。另隨著美國AMP2.0與德國Industry 4.0計畫之推動與全球群眾募資(Crow Funding)之推波助瀾,在地製造與個性化產品為全世界新製造技術之主要需求與趨勢,而直接數位製造便是提供在地製造與個性化產品最佳解決方案。
然而,製造並非原型製作,除產品性能規格與品質外,製造成本、時程、管理需更多方位考量。本論壇期能由3D列印技術發展趨勢與產業應用實務面深入探討,3D列印至數位製造之新產業機會與創新應用。將邀請喬治亞理工學院Das教授精研3D列印與航太應用多年,並成立新創3D列印公司;中正大學姚宏宗教授深入研究牙醫數位化與直接數位製造齒模與矯正器之探討;亦將邀請台灣XYZ Printing董事長沈軾榮分享榮獲2014 CES Show Best Editor Award與3D列印產業發展與台灣機會。

Host Dr. Jeng-Ywan Jeng
Affiliation National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Title Dean of College of Engineering; Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering
JY Jeng is a Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dean of College of Engineering at Taiwan Tech (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) now.During 2007-2009, he served as the Dean of R&D Office at Taiwan Tech., and the Director of the preparatory Office of the Patent Institute in 2010. Before to work at Taiwan Tech, he received PhD from the University of Liverpool in 1992, MSc from University of Manchester (was UMIST) in 1989 UK, and BEng from National Cheng Kung University Tainan Taiwan in 1985.

For international academic experience, he had been a visiting scholar in the University of California in Santa Barbara USA for 8 months in 2002, and in the University of Cambridge UK for 2 months in 2008. He also worked as a diplomatic in the Representative Office of Taipei in Moscow to be in charge the cooperation of Science and Technology between Taiwan and Russia during January 2010 to August 2012. He was also on leave from University to work at Teco Taiwan to setup the Teco Group Research Institute during 2005-2007.

His current research interests include the multi-disciplinary technology of Opto-mechatronics, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Femto Second Laser Material Processing and Patent Engineering.He isappointed as New Kimpo Group Fellow Professor and serves as an consultant for XYZ Printing Inc. and SAS Wafer Inc. now.

Panelist Prof. Hong-Tzong Yau
Affiliation National Chung Cheng University
Title Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Hong-TzongYau is a professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Precision Molding Center at the National Chung Cheng University, Chia-Yi, Taiwan. He received his MS and PhD degrees from the Ohio State University in 1988 and 1991 respectively. He was recruited by Cummins Engine upon graduation as a senior research engineer. He later joined the National Chung Cheng University in 1994. Dr. Yau's research interests include precision engineering, customized CAD/CAM/CNC system, digital dentistry, and additive manufacturing. He holds 30 patents and has published more than 100 peer-reviewed international journal and conference papers.

Early in his research years, Dr. Yau was devoted to the development of customized CAD/CAM systems. He had helped many world leading manufacturers including sports footwear industry such as Nike, as well as machine tool companies, to improve their product quality and production efficiency. In recent years, by integrating medical imaging, customized CAD/CAM, 5-axis machining and 3D printing, he has developed advanced digital dental solutions in dental implant and orthodontics. As a result, twenty million US dollars was attracted to set up TDS (Total Dental Solution), a Taiwan-based bio-tech company that has sold his systems and products to more than 20 countries worldwide. Lately, Dr. Yau is collaborating with Taiwan electronics companies to develop innovative 3D printing systems for dental implant and orthodontics applications, which is expected to bring more impact to the digital dentistry world.

Panelist Gary Shu
Affiliation XYZ Printing Inc
Title Senior Manager, Market Development Division

Panelist Dr. Jon S. Hsu
Affiliation ITRI Southern Region Campus
Title Executive Director
As the Executive Director of ITRI South Campus, leads a team in the southern region to do research and technology development projects as well as industry services. ITRI South Campus was established in 2005. Currently there are 4 technical centers: MEMS、Cloud Service、Additive MFG & Laser Application、Green Eco & System. The team won various awards every year since its establishment and eager to work with industrial partner as a total solution provider.

In the past, Dr. Hsu has served as the General Director of Commercialization and Industry Service(CIS) Center. Before that, he was the Deputy General Director at the Electronics and Optoelectronics Research(EOL) Laboratory. He wasrecommended by ITRI to serve at Ministry of Economic Affairs as the Science and Technology Advisor. During this tenure, he oversaw several national science and technology research projects, such as: nationaltelecommunications project, national SOC project and national digital content project. Prior to that, Dr. Hsu was involved both RD and management works in various private enterprises, such as the VP of optical communication business group at Foxconn/Hon Hai Group、Business Services Manager at Macronix、Vice President for new business development at KLT as well as the Test&Measurement Manager at SONY/MRC in the US.